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Actual shipping cost: This is the amount for shipping the item. Handling cost: This can include the cost of packaging materials and insurance cost, if any.Delivery confirmation and extra services: If you choose to use these options, you must add them to your shipping and handling costs, and you can only charge what they actually cost.Other more costly items which I have heard of that have gone astray in the Italian post include a watch, and a Sony Play Station, plus many other things which simply never arrived at their destinations here.It’s not just sending things to Italy which can be haphazard, but also sending items out of the country.WE MAKE NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, AND EXPRESSLY DISCLAIM ANY AND ALL WARRANTIES.Back to Top If a shipment weight noted on the Commercial Bill of Lading (CBL), Government Bill of Lading (GBL) or electronic Commercial Forms and Procedures (CF&P) appears to be incorrect, Fed Ex will weigh the shipment before delivery (usually when it is picked up) and note the correct weight on the shipping document.Setting clear buyer expectations and then meeting or exceeding them is a great way to make your buyer happy and ensure a smooth transaction.

And if you think I’m being paranoid, then take a look at the comments which this post on the Italian post has attracted since it was first published in May 2009.

Call International Customer Service at 1.800.247.4747 and a tracing specialist will assist you.

To trace your package, you must have all of the following information when you call us: We reserve the right to assess transportation charges based on the International Air Transport Association (IATA) volumetric standard.

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