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If the victim is underage, he suggests that the marriage be postponed until the victim reaches the age of eighteen, the legal age of consent in the country.

The country has suffered from sporadic civil war since 1983 and in 2008, at the time when the assessment was conducted, Sri Lanka had entered a new period of open conflict, after the abrogation of the ceasefire in early January of that year.

The field assessment revealed a number of connections between conflict, displacement and disability.

Karaliyadda explained to local media that, “the idea is to ensure the victim gets justice.

If she feels the rapist must marry her for what he did to her, then she must have that option.” But why would a girl wish to marry the person who sexually assaulted her?

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One of the most evident was that conflict and displacement are a cause of permanent physical disability either directly as a result of injuries or because the situation of conflict and resulting displacement had not allowed people with injuries to access health services and be treated – therefore injuries that might have been cured had become the cause of a permanent disability.

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