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© 2015 Reuters Devastating earthquakes on April 25 and May 12, 2015, left an estimated 9,000 people dead and nearly 20,000 injured.Rescue and relief efforts were slow to get off the ground, in part due to damage to the country’s already-weak infrastructure.Manisha, 14, who took part in the project explained the limitations put on her during her when she began her first period: “I stayed at someone else’s house during my first period.Protesters chanting slogans take part in a general strike organized by the Nepal Federation of Indigenous Nationalities (NEFIN) criticizing the draft of the new constitution in Kathmandu, Nepal, on August 23, 2015.However, the new constitution, which was put forward for only one week of public consultation, did not address longstanding complaints by historically marginalized communities in Nepal’s southern Terai region, leading to months of protests and violence there.

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Within months of the earthquakes, the four main ruling political parties announced that they had broken through a more than six-year deadlock on drafting a new constitution.

Among other reforms, the new constitution contains equal rights and affirmative action clauses for the country’s many ethnic minority communities and lower castes, and it outlaws capital punishment.

This is an imputation that can be detrimental to girls education, mental/physical health and role in the community.

was outlawed by the Supreme Court of Nepal in 2005, however it is still commonplace in rural communities.

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