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But as previously mentioned, the church has roots dating back to the 19th century, thus in many ways, it is much older than the 42 years that it has operated on Franklin Boulevard.

A tale of two churches The formation of the Sacramento Japanese United Methodist Church occurred as a result of a merger between the Pioneer Methodist Church of Sacramento and the Florin Japanese Methodist Church. The following year, under the direction of Superintendent Harris, the church was formally organized.

"So here was a Portuguese claim that the whole world had been charted 70 years before Columbus. In the year of the title, the emperor Zhu Di ordered the dispatch of a fleet of treasure ships to bring back tribute to his kingdom.

According to Menzies' findings, an armada of 800 massive junks set sail in the spring to return delegates who had attended the Forbidden City's inauguration to their nations, and to explore, map and bring tribute from the uncharted reaches beyond the horizons.

Menzies focuses on a fortuitous synchronicity: the presence of a Venetian trader named Niccolo da Conti, who met with the Chinese in the southwest Indian trading hub of Calicut. By Menzies' reckoning, it was da Conti who corroborated the thesis that Chinese junks rounded the Cape of Good Hope, westward bound for points unknown.

Such synchronicity followed Menzies as his research took him deeper along the Chinese trade routes.

Guests of the bazaar will also have the opportunity to purchase nursery items and handmade crafts created by the church’s Boutique Committee.

The bazaar is undoubtedly one of the church’s richest traditions, since the church, which is located at 6929 Franklin Blvd., was founded in June 1968 and the bazaar was first held in 1970.

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Founded in 1874 by Josiah Pool, Isleton grew as a result of land reclamation and local agricultural development.

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