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offers a series of tales of seduction and sexual (mis)adventure.

From accidentally getting married during a drunken night in Reykjavik, to luring a famous musician's granddaughter into a threesome; to the stress and frustration of the torturous and highly unorthodox "30 Day Sex Experiment," takes you further into the seduction underworld than ever before.

In general, I think dating apps are an impersonal, pointless waste of time. I looked over to see if she was enjoying the show, and she was on Tinder scrolling through a list of guys so quickly I couldn’t even see their faces. My initial gut reaction to the nebulous world of dating apps was reinforced, and consequently generated these four reasons why you should put down your phone and get back to the real world.

While I did find a few exceptions, most of the time at least one person in a match didn’t reply, and most women had no intention on meeting up with matches who did message them.

Read More Remember last year when we dug into the storage space to do some spring-cleaning and we found something amazing…

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The first book, , breaks down the knowledge he learned and techniques he invented into simple step-by-step instructions that anyone can follow to meet and land the women of their dreams.

In the second book, Strauss takes readers into the dark side of The Game.

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