It’s the thought that reminds us we are alone– no one understands us. I left my year in Israel with a deep love and commitment to Judaism; however, upon returning to the U.S, I found my community became overly focused on finding me a “shidduch.” I started to feel like I was suddenly defined by my dating prospects and what I “offered” so to speak.Admittedly, there are certain restrictions and changes that will need to be made to accommodate the disability, but it isn’t the be-all and end-all of your life…That’s the thing most people have trouble understanding.

If you feel negative about your disability, or having a hard time believing that someone could fall for you without you being able to do all the things that most other people can do, it’s not online dating you need, it’s a counsellor.

Being a single, dating a disabled girl is definitely hard work, especially when the disability is something as intense as losing your sense of sound, or sight!

Communication is vital in a relationship, and most men have the common misconception that dating a deaf, or otherwise disabled woman, is too much hard work to handle.

I think naturally built into our psyche is the need for human connection. With this inescapable understanding, it has always concerned me, this external pressure, of needing to peer up and find your “other half.” Clearly I know that I am lonely and I want to be understood.

Ultimately, existential loneliness is a universal experience. The ultimate driving force pushing me away from it all was the dating world in the right wing Orthodox community.

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