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Returns the ASCII character having the binary equivalent to A (as of Hive 1.3.0 and 2.1.0).If A is larger than 256 the result is equivalent to chr(A % 256). Note that this function can take any number of input strings.He came back with very vintage blue and blue/green mason pint and quarts jars. " and he said, "Boxes." "How much you want for them and how many do you have to buy? He'd already dumped some off with an antique vendor who took about 100 jars, he mentioned. If they weren't what I expected I can always use jars.He said, "OK, be back in a couple hours." Well that's quick, I thought. As he was walking out I said, "No chips, and no cracks.Bring various sizes." He said, "Yep." How interesting. Skeptical of quality and what he was going to bring I got back to work. I had cleared a spot in the back and in between helping customers I dug through the boxes that he kept stacking up. Some were from the patent date era 1858 while others were from 1910.I didn't have time at the moment to date them (especially since there were so many). There were a few pharmaceutical bottles for tinctures, glass tobacco containers, and the list goes on. There were written notes on the jars with the date he bought them (many from the 1970s/80s, including the newspapers he wrapped them in), whose estate sale he bought them from, the town name, what he paid, and the approximate value at the time. They meant something to him to record that much detailed information about his treasures.Delegating Method Accessor Impl.invoke(Delegating Method Accessor ~[na:1.8.0_31] at reflect.Sponsored Products are advertisements for products sold by merchants on

By default, the first column of the table definition is set to the Accumulo row ID.

This should be the primary key of your table, and keep in mind that any statements containing the same row ID is effectively an UPDATE as far as Accumulo is concerned, as any previous data in the cell will be overwritten. If the first column is not your primary key, you can set the row ID column using the Column | Type | Extra | Comment ----------- --------- ------- --------------------------------------------------- recordkey | varchar | | Accumulo row ID name | varchar | | Accumulo column name:name.

Indexed: false age | bigint | | Accumulo column age:age.

If start_date is the last day of the month or if the resulting month has fewer days than the day component of start_date, then the result is the last day of the resulting month.

Otherwise the UDF calculates the fractional portion of the result based on a 31-day month and considers the difference in time components date1 and date2.

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