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At this moment the EDH person RDF only contains links to attestations of persons, rather than unique individuals (although it attaches only one REF entry to persons who have multiple occurrences in the same text), so we cannot use the EDH person URI to disambiguate persons from different texts.

Given that EDH already contains links to PIR in its bibliography, we could start with extracting (this should be possible using a simple Python script) and linking these to the EDH person REF.

These L1 fragments are subsequently translated, along with the L2 context, into L2 fragments.

Thus, participants are asked to build a translation/writing assistance system that translates specifically marked L1 fragments, in an L2 context, to their proper L2 translation.

Insert spaces into a string of words lacking spaces, like a hashtag or part of a URL.

Therefore, a somewhat unorthodox approach to this concept has been chosen, one in which historical reflection and contemporary assessment will be used to compare and contrast philosophies that address the issues of concern. If tooth retention was deemed possible in the presence of a questionable pulp or a tooth with a periapical lesion, what treatment parameters may be considered as both acceptable and successful?While not a recognized specialty of dentistry globally at that time, endodontics and the provision of root canal procedures had been advocated routinely in some, very limited, and visionary areas of dentistry, even with the name of endodontia being proposed by Dr. However, this first world conference established some significant guidelines for clinical procedures based on historical documentation and treatment philosophy up to that point, both clinical and biological. Harwood of Boston had communicated with Chapin Harris (Fig.It is here that this manuscript will begin to explore the issue of working length in an attempt to clarify all aspects of the challenges involved in apical biology in relation to a preferred termination point for root canal procedures. ), one of the co-founders of the first dental school, the Baltimore College of Dental Surgery, Baltimore, MD, USA, his considerations in the operations of cleaning the root canal of its pulp tissue (Harris It should be borne in mind, that at the point where the vessels and nerves in question enter the root, the passage is much smaller that it is immediately within.To experimentally verify the quality of AIDA, we annotated nearly 1,400 newswire articles with the entities mentioned in each article.This collection is available for download (see Downloads).

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Coupled with the following issues, it has become somewhat of an empirical bastion for clinicians, especially those in the limelight or who use social media to augment their clinical prowess: (1) the variable anatomy of the root apex; (2) where to terminate canal enlarging and shaping apically; (3) status of the accessory communications apically; (4) size of the apical preparation; (5) ability to debride the apical extent of the root canal and remove both bacteria and biofilm; (6) response of the periapical tissues, when both vital and necrotic, to the intracanal filling materials and techniques that may impinge on these tissues; and (7) long-term outcomes and assessments of the procedures rendered.

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