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So apart from the heat, I would happily go to Cyprus – and take my family there.But I wouldn’t rent a car, because the roads are about twice as dangerous than the UK.But that is not because of any sense of danger – just the heat on the island in the warmest month of the year, when the average temperature is above 30C.April and October are my preferred months; May and September are also lovely.That is where the main risk resides, along with the water: “Be aware of strong seas and undertows,” says the Foreign Office.

I see no risk that the unfolding tragedy in Syria will spill over to the island.Building United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325 on the Women, Peace, and Security Agenda in Cyprus," a publication that we are co-sponsoring along with World Vision.Editors are Sophia Papastavrou (Gender Technical Lead, World Vision) and Magda Zenon (Activist and VP, Cyprus Women's Lobby), who have worked together with a number of experts in order to highlight the importance of women in the peacebuilding process, as called for by the UN Security Council, Res. The policies that are seeking to give women a larger role in post-conflict regions are now being projected onto the case of Cyprus, where negotiations regarding a viable solution are under way. A White Book recommends a new, improvised solution to a problem.Bird Life Cyprus is the national partner of Bird Life International, a unique global partnership of conservation organisations working locally to deliver long-term conservation for the benefit of nature and people.Enlargement, widely regarded as the greatest single achievement of the European Union since the end of the Cold War, and occasion for more or less unqualified self-congratulation, has left one inconspicuous thorn in the palm of Brussels.

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The 12th edition of the Cyprus International 4-day Challenge is now a beautiful memory and we would like to thank all participants, sponsors, staff and volunteers that made the 2016 challenge a great event!!!

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