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But one of the more successful of the spinoffs, now launching to the public, is Homeroom – an app that lets teachers create private photo albums that can be shared with parents.

According to Cluster co-founder CEO Brenden Mulligan, because the team already built the photo-sharing infrastructure for Cluster’s flagship app, there’s no technical cost involved with running these many experiments.

Media plans should take into account each child's age, health, personality, and developmental stage.

All children and teens need adequate sleep (8-12 hours, depending on age), physical activity (1 hour), and time away from media. The information contained on this Web site should not be used as a substitute for the medical care and advice of your pediatrician.

​​Today's children and teens are growing up immersed in digital media.

Whatever you’re in the mood for, BAND makes it easy to start your chat groups.BAND’s free group chat rooms let you chat anytime with anyone (or everyone) in your group.It’s enjoyable, it’s flexible, and it’s a perfect way for you and your friends to strike up a conversation whenever you’re in the mood. Free chat text is an important feature because one of BAND’s biggest goals is to make communication more open and fun.The protocol is the backbone of the file-sharing Air Drop feature.Open Garden utilized it to easily allow i Phone users to message each other without a data connection, or even cell service.

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